Galerie Parallèle offers you a selection of original, restored and vintage wall decorations, corresponding to the design of Eastern countries during the soviet era. The magazine includes accessories from old communist countries.

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    ARTIST : A. Lemeshenko Vintage Soviet propaganda poster from 1975. It was produced in Moscow in URSS. It was issued in editions of 135 000. It's written "GLORY TO THE WARRIOR -LIBERATOR !". This poster was realized by A. LEMESHENKO. The poster is in a good vintage condition.

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    ARTIST : Koukryniksy Propaganda poster of Soviet Union issued in 1967 in Moscow in 25 000 copies. It was drawn in 1941 by Koukryniksy, it is a nickname of three painters and Soviet caricaturists.At the top, it is written in Russian "we strike mercilessly and destroy the enemy." We see Hitler going out of the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact armed with a gun. He is killed by a Soviet soldier. It is a caricature of the end of of the treaty of June 22nd, 1941, because of the unilateral decision of Hitler to attack the USSR.  This poster is in a good vintage state.

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