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Jean Louis Godivier (1953 - ?)

Jean Louis Godivier is a French architect and designer born in Vichy in 1953. Graduated in architecture and urbanism, he carried out several projects for sports centers, international exhibitions of prestige but also conceived several objects of design. With his abilities, he is considered as a complete creator between architecture and design, subjects that he combines to perfection. These are not his only passions as he also developed a taste for archaeology, resulting in a publication in the magazine Stock entitled "Small World Atlas of Architecture" in 1978.

He participated in numerous competitions of architecture and urbanism, which led him to be assigned various commissions. From there, his international reputation was launched. It was at this time that he developed his idea of a discipline of synthesis between architecture and furniture design through a coherent concept of space. Here, the furniture must have a certain autonomy alongside the building, which is determined by the site in which it is located. Original commissions have allowed the refinement of this thinking since 1982 until today.

Various publishers became interested in the designer's avant-garde creations after his own publishing house, UP8, ceased operations. This is the case of Tebong, and Via, causing awards, crowning his work. This allowed his introduction in several exhibitions of contemporary furniture and design since 1986.