Galerie Parallèle offers you a selection of original, restored and vintage dining tables, corresponding to the design of Eastern countries during the soviet era. The magazine includes Polish and Czech designers' products.

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    Small dining table from Eastern Europe from the 1960s. This piece of furniture was produced in the Czech Republic. It is composed of a top resting on black metal feet. It is in good vintage condition.

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    Vintage Scandinavian dining table dating from the 1960s. It is in good original condition and shows slight wear marks shown on the pictures. This piece of furniture includes two extensions that can be stored directly under the table top. 

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    Cubist dining table from the Czech Republic. It dates from the years 1910-1920. This piece of furniture made of stained wood has 2 integrated wooden extensions. It is probably a unique piece made to an order. It was acquired from the family of the client. This table is reminiscent of the creations of Pavel Janak and Josef Gocar. It is in good vintage condition. Czechoslovak Cubism is an artistic movement that is expressed in architecture and decorative arts. It manifests itself in the years 1910-20.

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    DESIGNER : Milos Sedlacek and Karel Vycital MANUFACTURER : Drevotvar Dining table, model OP 49, by Milos Sedlacek and Karel Vycital. The design of this piece dates from 1965. It is published by the manufacturer Drevotvar in Czech Republic. This piece of furniture is in good vintage condition. It includes two integrated extensions. 

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    DESIGNER : Milos Sedlacek and Karel Vycital MANUFACTURER : Drevotvar Dining table designed by Milos Sedlacek and Karel Vycital in 1965 for the manufacturer Drevotvar. It is the model OP 49 from the Czech Republic. This table which is in good vintage condition has two integrated extensions. 

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