Galerie Parallèle offers you a selection of original, restored and vintage armchairs, corresponding to the design of Eastern countries during the soviet era. The magazine includes Polish and Czech designers' products.

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    DESIGNER : Jozef Chierowski MANUFACTURER : Dolnoslaska Fabryka Mebli Vintage Polish armchair by designer Jozef Chierowski for Dolnoslaska Fabryka Mebli. This is the model 366 from the 1960s. The structure, entirely restored, is made of wood. The seat is upholstered with a grey fabric.

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    DESIGNER : Miroslav Navratil MANUFACTURER : Vertex Pair of vintage armchairs designed by Miroslav Navratil for the manufacturer Vertex. It dates back to the 1960s. It is a Czech creation. These chairs have been completely restored. 

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    DESIGNER : Jozef Chierowski MANUFACTURER : Dolnoslaska Fabryka Mebli Pair of Polish armchairs, model 366, by designer Jozef Chierowski for the Lower Silesian Furniture Factory (Dolnoslaska Fabryka Mebli). This is the model 366 which is a must in Polish design. It was designed in 1962.

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    Pair of Czech armchairs from the 1960s. The metal structure as well as the plastic weave of the seat and backrest give these pieces an original appearance.This pair is in a vintage condition.

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    DESIGNER : František Jirák MANUFACTURER : Tatra Nabytok A pair of Czech armchairs for Tatra Nabytok from the 1960s. This model, well designed, is attributed to the designer Frantisek Jirak. This pair has been completely restored and reupholstered with a yellow fabric.

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    DESIGNER : Miroslav Navratil MANUFACTURER : Vertex Pair of armchairs by Czech designer Miroslav Navratil for Vertex. It is a design from the People's Republics of Eastern Europe. These chairs date back to the 1960s. The shape of these pieces is reminiscent of other models of the designer that we have already proposed on our website.The seat is made of fibreglass. The use of this material was innovative for the time. It is one of Miroslav Navratil's trademarks and is used in many projects. This pair is covered with a blue-green fabric. The base is made of wood. This complex has been completely renovated.

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    DESIGNER : Koželka and Kropáček Pair of armchairs by Antonin Kropacek and Karel Kozelka, 1944. This chair is part of a set that won the silver medal at the Milan Triennial in 1946. This pair has been completely restored. The cushion has been redone according to the original model. 

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    MANUFACTURER : Lusch & Erzeugnis Pair of metal and suede armchairs. It was produced by Lusch & Erzeugnis, a german firm, in the 1960.

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    MANUFACTURER : Krasna Jizba Armchair from the fifties. It is a Czech production from the Soviet era, entirely restored with soft beige furnishings. It was produced in the 50's by Krasna Jizba. Its armrests are made of a thin piece of wood.

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    DESIGNER : Miroslav Navratil MANUFACTURER : Vertex Armchair designed by Miroslav Navratil for the Czech manufacturer Vertex in the 1960s. The shell is made of fibreglass and the feet of beech. This armchair is completely renovated. 

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    DESIGNER : Mart Stam MANUFACTURER : Kovona Armchair designed by the architect Mart Stam in the 1930s and published by the Czech manufacturer Kovona in the 1940s. The chrome metal is in good vintage condition and the wood has been completely restored.

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