List of products by brand Christian Duc

Christian Duc (1947-2013)

Christian Duc is a Vietnamese and French designer born in 1947 who died in 2013, defining himself as intellectual and mystical while remaining concrete. His creations are numerous and varied, including furniture, accessories, but also earthenware. Moreover, his work, already very diversified, also focuses on traditional materials of Vietnamese craftsmanship such as eggshell, ceramics, straw lacquer. The designer is also an active collector of archaeological artifacts, antique glassware and photography.

In 1977, he created his own company, Design Creation Art, also known as DCA, from which he distributes his creations. At the same time, his creations were exhibited throughout the world, notably in New York in 1983, in Japan in 1985, and in the prestigious Villa Medici in Italy in 1986.

Concerning his work, Christian Duc always gives it a symbolism, a particular meaning and rejects the principle of limited editions in a logic of sharing beauty. He does not wish to belong to a predefined style and, to do so, works in solitude avoiding the influences of other designers. Adept at questioning his own work, he seeks renewal, to go further, which is contrary to his personality, which, according to him, is similar to a vigilant cat attached to his home.

His fame is finally ensured by various collaborations such as the several collections designed with the company CBM from 1983, his carpets created for Toulemonde Bochart, the carte blanche granted by the publisher Via in 1986 or the collection Archéologie Future produced by the workshops Delisle in 1987. In addition, the design of the "Correspondances" boutique under the Louvre pyramid in Paris was entrusted to him by the Musée de La Poste as a sales outlet in 1995. In another register, the creator conceived the furniture of the restaurant Croixement of the park of the Villette in 1988.He has also received several awards including the Interior Architecture Prize of the Salon des artistes décorateurs in 1985 and the Grand Prix de la critique du meuble contemporain in 1989.