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Wladysalw Wincze (1905-1992)

Wladyslaw Wincze is a Polish interior designer. From 1925 till 1928 he studied the architecture at the Polytechnic School of Warsaw then the painting at the School of Fine Arts in the studio of Tadeusz Pruszkowski ( 1888-1942 ) until 1935. Between 1936 and 1938 he was the assistant of Jozef Czajkowski ( 1872-1947 ), a Polish painter.

From 1936 on, he joined Artists Cooperative "Lad". In 1938 with Marian Steczowicz he conceived the furniture of the Palace of the Cotton of Gdnyia. During the Second World War, with Olgierd Szlekys and Wladyslawem Jaworskim, he produced furniture in a craft way. After 1945, he boosted "Lad" and collaborated with Wanda Telakowska who was the founder of the Institute of Industrial Design (IWP). From 1946 on, he settled down in Klodz where he created a joiner's workshop. In 1948, he worked in the department of interior architecture and design of the Academy of Fine Arts of Wroclaw. Until 1972, he was the dean.