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Jan Vanek (1891-1962)

Jan Vanek was an interior architect and a Czech designer. From 1905 till 1909 he studied in the school industrialist of woodworking in Chrudim. After obtaining his diploma Jan Vanek managed a furniture factory in Munich, Stuttgart and Heilbronn in Germany. In 1920 he founded the United Factories of arts and crafts; five years later, Vanek with Stanislav Kucera and Vilém Hrdlicka created Standart, a company of housing (S.B.S)., which operated until 1932. The most prestigious contract of Vanek involved to draw furniture for the Villa Tugendhat. Jan Vanek was also a prolific architect and his most remarkable works included housing projects in Cern á Hora (1925), in Cern Pole in Brno (1925-26), and in Rybitv í (1939-41). In 1948 he was named the managing director of the Czechoslovak Factories of processing the wood. Then Jan Vanek managed the central production of popular art and finally he worked in the wood in construction.