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František Jirák (1913 - ?)

Frantisek Jirák was born in 1913 in Czech Republic. He studied in " Mistrovská skola stolarská " (School of masters joiners) as well as in the " Specialna skola meadow vnutornu architekturu " (special School of interior design) of Prague. During eleven years which follow, he worked on " Spojene UP zavody " (United Artistic and Industrial Companies) of Brno under the orders of Jindrich Halabala, big creative designer of furniture.
In 1948, he moved definitively in Slovakia to work on it " as expert in development of new types of furniture " for the wood industry which, at the time, is fast-changing. A little time after his arrival, he obtained the post from " department head of development " being of the Regional office of wooden companies. In the late 60's, he collaborated with a state-owned company named "Novy domov" (New house) in Spisska Nova Ves where he worked as a designer until his retirement.